Work Stories

Portfolio case studies as personal narratives.

The Hidden Table

The Hidden Table is northern California's premiere farm-to-fork catering company. Led by a husband and wife team, they fashion unique menus for each occasion, take over your kitchen to prep, cook, and serve everything like family, then leave without a trace. It was my job to deliver an online brand equal to the intimate dining experiences they create.

Tape Op Magazine

From 2011 to 2017, I was the online publisher and CTO of the largest circulated publication about music recording in the world. The magazine was beloved in the print industry, but had little online presence, nor any concept of how to venture into that world successfully. At the beginning of my time there, I didn't either.

The Mill Creative

The Mill is a Sacramento makers shop that designs and builds modern, artful custom furniture with reclaimed materials and an industrial flair. I helped them connect to the larger world by designing and building a marketing website, doing a bunch of photography, and working with them on creating a pitch perfect brand.

Margaret Welty Art

Margaret Welty is a California-born artist and college educator who is on a mission to bring the deep benefits of regular creative visual expression to everyone in the world. She is a long-time client for whom I have played many roles. When I first met her, she was full of enthusiasm and ideas, but was unsure how to funnel them into a cohesive and effective platform.

Public Data Apps

Information has the power to change everything. Unfortunately, in the places where it can matter most—politics, big business, finance—crucial information is often obscured behind a cloud of arcane data formats and documents. Without the right tools, we end up lost at sea, and without answers. I've spent much of my recent years working to remedy this problem via the technological wonders of the modern web. Here are the highlights.