Services Offered

Discrete Services

App & Web Development

I have over ten years' experience as a dedicated web developer. I am equally comfortable working with small static sites as with large-scale web apps with distributed deployment, on a team or independently. I have played key technical roles in venture-backed startups and established businesses in both frontend and backend capacities.

UI / UX & Graphic Design

Design is something I learned by necessity as I wore other hats, and grew to deeply love as an independent art. For both UI and graphic design, I value clarity of purpose, elegance, and cohesion above all else. I would say my greatest strength is a sensitivity to when things are truly "working" and when they are not. If I can't make something happen, I will fire myself and get someone who can.

Branding & Messaging

I have been helping companies and individuals clarify and communicate what they are all about since 2011. I believe branding is figuring out exactly what we're doing and why we are doing it. It is about asking questions, continually, drilling down until we reach the root nature of our motivations and our actions. Only by understanding this properly can we then put forth beacons that our true audience will see.

Producer Services

My most common method of working is to be a "producer" — that is, I faciliate a creative idea from inception to final digital reality, leveraging all of my skills as needed to best serve the project. I first work with you to get your idea into a clear and communicable package that is full of power and punch. Then I handle all the technical hurdles that are standing in your way, and if I cannot, I hire trusted folks who can.